At the start of our transition from commercial to registered cattle, we set out on a mission to find high quality cattle with the pedigree to back them up. Knowing a good cow from a bad cow in crossbred commercial cattle, we had to learn a few things about registered Brahman cattle. We wanted to put a set together that had great “eye appeal” and breed characteristics.

At the top of our priorities was getting this set of cattle to be as gentle as possible. We never imagined we would be scratching on and hand feeding them. We started by gaining their trust so that they would be easy to handle in the pasture and penning would be a breeze. We noticed how willing and curious Brahman cattle really are. One day at a time we were able to gain the trust of one or two heifers, and the rest quickly followed. Now they have names and harass us just to get a little back scratch!

When you say, “registered cattle” a flag goes up and there’s two curious questions that come to mind.

  • What breed of registered cattle?

Where we live, in the south Texas brush country, Brahman cattle have a name. They’re known to be hot tempered and hard to handle in the pens. When we tell somebody we have registered Brahman cattle, and that person is not in the registered business, you see a little grin come across their face because they’ve experienced some hot tempered Brahman cattle before. In their mind, they’re probably thinking “these people are crazy, going into business with cattle that when you walk across the pen you get run up the fence, and you’re telling me you’re going to go out there and weigh that newborn baby calf?” The mix of confusion and curiosity in the reaction you get when you tell them how gentle they really are, and you show them a picture of you scratching all over Worm or Queen (two of the most enjoyable heifers on the ranch), opens a whole new door and meaning to Brahman cattle.

  • What are they out of? (Pedigree)

Like I said before, we set out on a mission to try to find the best cattle we could to fit our operation. There is no other place than Hungerford, Texas. The pedigrees of the cattle that come from Hungerford have impacted the Brahman breed all over the globe, so we traveled to Hungerford and purchased our first set of registered Brahman heifers. We wanted cattle with the pedigree to back them up, a set of heifers with phenomenal breeding. Sired by Sires including Mr. V8 604/7 (Man of Steel), JDH Sir Compian Manso, JDH Cannon Manso, Mr. V8 274/7 (George), Mr. V8 380/6 (The Machine), Mr. V8 279/7, Mr. V8 458/7 (Noble), JDH Mr. Manso 431/6, and Mr. V8 191/7, just to name a few. They are crossed on outstanding dams such as Miss V8 52/8, Miss V8 363/6, Miss V8 751/7, Miss V8 183/7, Miss V8 33/8, Miss V8 805/6, Miss V8 997/6, and Miss V8 790/7, highly sought after pedigrees. We hope to produce a gentle set of calves that will make a huge impact in our customers herds.

We hope you enjoy our cattle as much as we do. We are excited to see what the future holds with a calf crop coming fall 2020.

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